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About us
We teach you to move correctly. As a side effect, you will be able to defend yourself, yourself-confidence will increase, your problems of posture will get better…
Our association’s intsructors learned the Wing Chun styles of grandmaster Yip Man’s two early master students, Lok Yiu and Lo Man Kam. Our instructors now make for passing on their knowledge.

The Kyun Faat Association’s mission is:
• to teach you how to defend yourself in real fight
• to help you to discover your opportunities and the way leading to bigger self-confidence and healthier life
• to create a supporting society where you can feel fine yourself

Our school provides a traditional training. Which means, we teach skills needed to stay alive in a real fight.
Besides, on courses we teach exercises in connection with the healthy way of life, for example Qigong (breathing and energy exercises), massage techniques, stretching and relaxing exercises, further more, we conduct special self defense courses, like self defense for women.
Our instructors have decades of experience of martial arts and teaching.

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