Wing Chun Book 1Zsolt Kiss
Wing Chun Kyun 
I. The Basics, Saam Baai Fat (Siu Nim Tau)
Details of the history, principles of the Wing Chun, it presents the basic defense, punches, kicks. Introduces the full form of Saam Baai Fat (Siu Nim Tau, "Triple Greetings to Buddha," the first form of style), applications and Saam Baai Fat level’s Chi Sau (Sticky Hand) and Lap Sau (Grasping Hand) exercises.

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What can we offer you?

We teach you to move correctly. As a side effect, you will be able to defend yourself, yourself-confidence will increase, your problems of posture will get better…
Our association’s intsructors learned the Wing Chun styles of grandmaster Yip Man’s two early master students, Lok Yiu and Lo Man Kam. Our instructors now make for passing on their knowledge.

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Kung-fu training

We wait twice a week for training

Training times:  Monday and Wednesday 18h-19: 30

Address: 1076 Budapest  Murányi street 10.
(2 minutes from Keleti Railway Station)

Tuition fee: 12000 HUF/month/person

If more people come from a family:
for two people 8000 HUF/month/person
for three or more people 6000 HUF/month/person

Contact and information: